Friday, November 30, 2007

Let's name Hubby

Ok, Trace asked if I had come up with a name for Hubby. Well considering he is home sick right now..the names that come to mind (due to his extreme Moodiness right now) are not really appropriate so I figured, I'd let anyone out there choose. Anyone up to give me some ideas and then we'll take a vote????

Julie asked if I call Hubby and pet names at all...well since we started foster care I always refer to him as Daddy Hubby. And with Emilee and JP - he's just Daddy, but Daddy doesn't sound good to me for this purpose either.


Mary said...

How about Brad, as in Brad Pitt? Or Keanu. Or Denzel. Or Colin.

At least this way, it would be complimentary!

Trace said...

Hmmm, I call my husband Sweet-Love. Then last night at his office holiday party I found out the outgoing maintenance worker calls him Sweet-love. Hah (indignant Trace).

Does he have a hobby? He has a big truck. Is he into could call him Nascar. Or, does he look like anything or something? You know, teddy bearish or whatever. My husband has big blue eyes so I guess theoretically I could have called him baby blue or something. I have faith...use your creativity.

Trace said...

Oh, hey, I get your mind out of the gutter. I really meant his truck.

Mary said...

The "look like anything or something" is why I dubbed my hubby "Harry." He's going bald. (I know, I'm not nice.)