Friday, November 9, 2007

Finally Friday

Ok. So I'm just a little excited that today is Friday. The kids are all packed up and ready to go to the respite home after I get off work tonight. So far so good. No tears. I warned my daycare lady (since there is no school today in honor of the Deer Hunting Season Opener*) both kids are at daycare all day.

Hubby is home in bed. This dizzy stuff is really getting worse by the day. He is so frustrated and that seems to make it worse too. Monday's MRI can't come soon enough and then it's Thurs afternoon before we will get the results. UGH! I did tell him last night that I think I should get something for "PAIN AND SUFFERING" too! LOL. He didn't agree. :-(


Yondalla said...

Enjoy your respite.

Is our husband getting faint (things go dark, putting head down helps) or suffering from vertigo (room seems to spin, lying down suddenly can make it worse)?

I'm assuming faintness since he is lying down and not sitting perfectly still in a chair.

I had real trouble with vertigo for a while. It comes back periodically, and I hate it. I keep telling people, "I'm not drunk; it's an inner ear thing."

Jody said...

Thanks Yondalla.

The doc that we went to this past Tues thinks he is suffering from Benign Positional Vertigo (??sp). He figures his inner ear was damaged during the accident in Sept. I guess in a way it's good news but then again..there's nothing they can do to fix it so he just has to deal with it and that's what he is having trouble doing. He's not someone who will sit still and plus with our cattle and building his shop and a barn that we are in the process of moving home...this just doesn't fit into his plans.

I'm soooo thankful we didn't sign off with the insurance company yet on his bodily injury claim!