Monday, January 1, 2007

Cast of Characters

Ok I will add to this as I come up with people who need to be added..

Who are the people I am writing about? I will try to give a quick short description to clarify how they came to be part of this blog....

NDFostermom - Hey that's Me! I started this as a place to keep track of the trials/rewards of doing fostercare and to look for advice from other foster parents/adoptive parents out there who may have gone thru the same things we are going thru. I am the Mom!

Hubby - original huh? Yep. He's my best friend and the DAD. We were married in June 2003.

B - 5 yrs old when he was placed with us. Sick with pneumonia the day we "got" him. Sick with pneumonia the day he went home. Sick with pneumonia EVERY day in between. Poor little guy.

D - B's 3 yr old brother. So cute! Very well behaved. B&D were in care due to mental health issues in bio family.

G -12 month foster daughter who was with us for 11 months in 2006. We tried to adopt her but were unsuccessful and Dec 5, 2006 at 23 months she officially was taken out of foster care and returned to her bio mom who in turn gave her to her friends for adoption immediately upon the state stepping out of the case. Go figure. Gotta love our court system! In care due to mental health issues with bio mom. ***UPDATED 11/07 - I have met G's new adoptive mom. She's wonderful. We can be a part of G's life! I'm so happy. She is growing like a week. Approaching her 3rd bday soon!

L Jr. &L - 20 month old boy and 8 month old girl. Brother/Sister. Meth bust kids. TONS of issues. Had to have them moved in Jan 2007 due to issues with sister. Working full time - she needed more help than we could give her.

**Updated June 07

Emilee - 6 yr old. Came to us in June 2007. Foster care/pre-adoptive home. Has attachment disorder and other behavior issues. Needs love. Was emotionally abused by birth mom. Came into care in March 06. Previous foster home did not want to adopt. Too many issues and foster mom didn't get along with Emilee. Foster mom labeld Emilee "problem child". Birth mom TPR in Dec 06. Birth dad TPR Aug 07.

JP - Emilee's 4 yr old brother. Came to us inJune 07. Foster care/pre-adoptive home. Has no diagnosis. Was labeled "angel child" in previous foster home. Came to foster care July 06. Not the "angel child" that he was made out to be. Has LOTS of behavior issues.

Donny & Conny - old foster parents of Emilee and JP.

Grandma Faye - Emilee and JP's paternal grandmother. She cared for them when they were first born until they moved to ND with their birth mom. We call her every other week.

A & T - 3 yr old girl and her 7 month old brother. Emergency placement. Very short term as I am not ready to be a mom to 4 special needs kids right now. If I didn't work full time - it would be a different story. A is very picky, very bossy, very much needs to be in control. Not gonna happen in our home. T has severe reflux issues and middle of the night feedings last minimum 1 hr as he needs to be set straight up for 45 mins after he finishes his bottle. Cute kids...wish they could stay.

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