Thursday, January 11, 2007


OK, I have a dilemma....We are having a horrible time with L. She has always been fussy - we assume she was held a lot and now that is what she expects. We were doing really good up until Christmas when our normal daycare took a week and a half off. Then we had to use 2 back up daycares and things all went to the pits. Now L thinks she needs to be held ALL THE TIME and if she isn't - then she is literally SCREAMING at the top of her lungs non stop. The kid doesn't quit. I told my hubby that i am glad she's not our biological kid cause then I'd really feel bad for her normal daycare and I'd be scared that they would tell us to find a new one. Our daycare wouldn't ever do that for real, but I feel bad for her. She is a foster parent also for 30+ years so knows how to deal with her but she is even wondering what else to do to help her learn she doesn't have to be held all the time. Then I talked with the parent aide for her bio mom today and I asked if she is held during visits or does she play. Guess what the parent aide told me....YEPPERS mom sits and holds her. We're fighting a losing battle here. Any ideas for me? before I go crazy. My hubby is at the point, he wants the kids gone and gone now!


ABlessedFamily said...

Could she anything else going on with her? Any teething, tugging at her ears, anything else???
How is she sleeping? Night terrors?
Is she 12 months or older?
What does her brother do when she screams? How often does she see bio?
Sorry for all the questions, but I want to help you and I am trying to get a vision of the situation.

NDFosterMom said...

Sorry blessedShe just turned 1 on Jan 5. She pulls on her ears constantly but I've had them checked 2 times in the past 2 weeks and they are fin. Her 1 yr molars are all in. I thought it was just her teeth, but she's still acting like this even after her teeth are in. Her brother just plugs his ears when she screams (it's actually kinda cute when he does this). She sees her bio 3 X / week for 2 hrs each time.