Monday, January 8, 2007


UGH. I am soo tired of sick kids and a sick husband! Both L. Jr. & L have had a cold for about 3 weeks and then L. Jr started in with the flu stuff on New Years (his 2nd bday!). He's doing better and L is still fighting her cold. Plus she's teething and I will be soo glad when that last molar pops thru! Then last Friday on L's 1st birthday, my hubby stayed home from work complaining of being sick. Well after he layed around all weekend and was running a 101+ temp I decided he must really be sick. Even stayed home from work again today. I'm terrible, but I just keep thinking - do you realize how much money you being sick is costing us!!!At least it is after Jan 1 so now he has vacation time again.

Not too much else new. No big plans for this week. My dad is having surgery tomorrow so may try and run over to Oakes to be with mom during that. Nothing major - but it's still surgery and is scary.

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