Thursday, January 25, 2007

What to do????

Well we have been dealing with an extremely cranky little girl for a few weeks now. On MOnday I called the kids' social worker and was told that she was leaving for a convention for the rest of the week and that this had to wait. On Tuesday, I called the parent aide and was told to give her a blanket and pacifier (neither of which she has EVER carried around with her). I mean - she's 12 1/2 months old and you think a pacifier is going to take care of this?? Come on! I have been incontact with my social worker in my county (these kids are from a different county) and she has been wonderful trying to help me. I've spoken with a Foster Care Supervisor from the kids' county and never received a phone call back from her either. Now this is day #4 trying to get an answer. All I am asking for is a change in the visit schedule for a week or 2 to see if getting her back on a schedule for naps/eating/etc will help. I'm not saying the visit themselves are our problem - i think it's the fact that these kids have NO SCHEDULE! She was doing sooo much better before these extra visits came into the picture. They are not willing to work on a new schedule with me. I've taken her to the chiropractor this week - there was nothing wrong with her from that aspect. Today we are going to a Pediatrician to have a complete work up done. (She's been to a regular family doc the 1st week of Jan for a checkup and was to a Public Health nurse the end of the 2nd week of Jan and she was fine both of those checkups). I'm beside myself. Now I have a daycare lady who is telling me 1 week and she needs to be gone unless there is something being done to try and get her back on a schedule. What am I supposed to do??? My daycare lady has done daycare for 40 years/foster care for 30 years. She's the one they always give the drug/alcohol babies to when they come into care for the 1st time and have to go thru withdrawals. She knows how to handle kids with problems and yet we can't get a hold on what's up with L? That is what makes me feel so strongly that if we could get her back on a schedule (consistent schedule of naps/eating etc) we would be just fine. I'm being told that this is the only schedule that works for the bio mom. Well since when does the bio mom who lost her kids due to a Meth Bust for which bio mom was no where to be found and had left her kids with a bunch of drug addicts come before these kids? I just don't understand sometimes. I called up there again this morning to Social Services and I am yet to receive a call back. The message that I left stated that unless we get a diagnosis from the Doc that there is something medically wrong with L, we are giving 1 week notice that L will need to be moved by next Thurs. L. Jr can stay if they don't have a home for him, but not sister. Am I being unrealistic with this? I'm really confused at what to do and yet my hands are tied also?

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