Monday, May 19, 2008

Quick Update

It's late.
I'm tired.
It's been a long time since I updated on here.

I am officially discharged from the hospital. I go back to outpatient treatment tomorrow. We'll see what happens from there. I'm scared but ready to be back in the "real" world.

Official word is JP will leave us on Friday evening. Hubby is taking Friday afternoon off so we can spend time as a family. It's going to be a TOUGH day!

I'll try to get back to writing on here better. SOrry it's been so bad lately. Hope everyone is doing well. Any big news that I have missed from anyone????

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Update from April 28 post

1. Emilee never went to psych hospital.

2. Hubby and I start marriage counseling tomorrow. Maybe we can work things out afterall??? He has learned that I mean business when it comes to emotional abuse.

3. We were notified tonight (after JP was in bed) that he will be having his first visit with his PATH home tomorrow night thru Sat evening. Hubby gets to give JP the "good" news in the morning and then drop him off at school. I will be calling transport sw and letting her know where to get his overnight bag at. I will also let her know how "happy" we are that we were given so much notice for this visit. Considering I called 2 weeks ago asking to have him moved and we have heard NOTHING from ANYONE since then. Now we get less than 10 hrs notice to have a bag packed. They are moving him to the PATH home so he and Emilee can be together. There was a message on our machine tonight when Hubby and JP got home and JP asked what it was all about. Hubby told him that it sounded like he would be moving to live with Emilee and JP started crying. He said "Emilee is mean to me and hurts me, daddy. I don't want to live with her". Hubby told him that mommy would call the sw and find out what was going on and he and Hubby would talk about it in the morning. Poor guy. I'm FURIOUS with the system. I know I called asking for him to be moved, but things are different now. Not that I don't think it may be in Hubby and I's best interest to focus on US for a while, I don't agree with putting JP and Emilee in the same home. He has come so far in the month or so since Emilee was moved that I know he is just going to get set back further and further. He's the one who will suffer the most thru this and it's not fair. The sw said, "The state requires us to keep siblings together". Ummmm so when one sibling is abusive towards need to keep them together???? Whatever. I give up.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still here

I'm still in treatment. Not much to report. I feel so "out of the loop" as I haven't read ANYONE'S blog in FOREVER!!!!

I'll write soon...I promise!