Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter is Coming...

tomorrow from what the weatherman is saying. 4-7 Inches of snow with high winds. OH fun. I'm supposed to work tomorrow. We'll see if I can make it to town or not. Hubby is sick with the flu...102 temp and the whole deal...YUCK! I want to come to work...the less I am home, the less chance to get sick. Unfortunately...with the weather forcast, I don't want to bring the kids out if I don't have to which would mean having them stay home with hubby tomorrow. This is ok in the fact that they can play and entertain themselves. He will be there and can make a pizza for lunch or something but then again...the less THEY are by him, the better right now too. What to do ...what to do???

Kids had Health trax screenings today. Emilee's eyes are 20/50. UGH! No wonder the little girl is having headaches. I got her an appt with an eye doctor for Dec 12. JP's eyes are 20/40. Is his eyes that bad or did he just not understand what was being asked of him due to his developmental delays? He has an appt on Dec 14.


Trace said...

This person had glasses when she was 11 (why am I talking in the 3rd person?). Having glasses as a kids stinks. Poor Emilee.

Hopefully NO ONE will catch the flu!!

What name did you come up w/for hubby?

Jody said...

I've had glasses since I was in first grade. UGH! At least now they aren't so UGLY! She could get some really cute ones. My biggest fear is how mean kids are these days and she has enough issues without a bunch of teasing due to glasses.

Mary said...

Actually, I've had glasses since I was in 5th grade and I've got two kids with glasses. For a little while, one of them was called "Squints" because his glasses weren't strong enough.

What I've found is kids are going to tease other kids about stuff no matter what. So it tends to not matter if they have glasses or not. The boy formerly known as Squints is now teased for his (age appropriate) big buck teeth.

They're mean little buggers all the way around.

Julie said...

What do you call him as a pet name? Honey? .... you could refer to him as one of those pet names you call him already?

I hope he feels better and the rest of you don't get it!

Winter has not arrived here- it is suppose to be 70* this weekend- :(

Jody said...

Oh Julie - I want snow too and maybe it won't be so bad once it is here, but 70 degrees sounds a lot better to me right now!!! Guess I needed to move a little further south or east or west or something. I just hate the drive on icy roads.