Friday, November 23, 2007

Guess she'll be coming home afterall

It's a LONG LONG story that I don't have the time, effort, or energy to get into right now, but Emilee will be coming home Sunday. We had a nice 8 hr visit with her yesterday. We requested a pass for Sunday. It was granted. Then we were told she would be discharged Monday regardless because insurance has given a cutoff date for treatment. We (hubby & I) discussed this and thought it would be a lot harder on her to go back there for 1 night and a HUGE inconvenience for us to have to drive 60+ miles to go get her. 60 miles back home. 60 miles back to the hospital to take her back Sunday night. 60 miles back home. Then 60 miles up on Monday. and 60 miles back home again. You do the math. Figure in $3.099 gas and a vehicle that gets 16 miles/gal (as we would drive hubby's truck). Yep that will get expensive for us so we asked for her to be discharged on Sunday morning.

We observed her showing us her new way to show she's upset a few times yesterday. A quick stomp of her foot and a "growl" and she is off again. I can handle that. That sure beats swearing, hitting, kicking and threatening. She had a small meltdown but that only lasted 10 minutes. That in itself if a HUGE improvement. We've got services somewhat in order for our protection/Emilee's protection and support. I expect the rest of our "demands" will fall into place the first part of next week. Respite is a must and that is arranged. We just have to let them know to what extent we want/need it. A good thing is that the new respite family is actually a theraputic foster home and Emilee already knows the mom of the house very well as she is her school principal. We'll see how things go and decide after a couple days what we feel we need.

Thanks for all the comfort/support from everyone. This is by no means over. She is coming home on a trial basis as far as I am concerned. Services MUST be continued and we MUST get the support we need. Any further allegations (and I know there will be some) will be dealt with on a basis of how severe they are. The first allegation against hubby or any other male in our family and she will have to leave. Cut and dried. I pray this works. I do love her. I am going to get a sticker system ready tomorrow. THey say she is doing WONDERFUL on this at the hospital. We tried it at home before and it failed. We'll try again. I'm also going to get a chore jar ready and see how that goes. Wish me luck! I'll update on Monday how things are going.


Yondalla said...


Always ready to listen if you do want to talk.

Mary said...

At least you know she's making some progress ... and you've got or are getting all the services in order. That's a HUGE step. Take care of yourself during all of this, Jody.

Susan said...

I really, really recommend the book Little Sugar Addicts by Kathleen DesMaisons. It is truly a life changing book for kids.

Good luck with everything!

Nicki Mann said...

Sounds like things are going well for Emilee! I hope the powers that be will do everything in their power to support you so you can keep her!

Lisa said...

As a former foster child, my thanks goes out to foster parents and child welfare professionals who recognize the capabilities and potential of children in your care -- and are courageous enough to fight for them to receive support and services.

Please tell me about your experiences in advocating for foster children:

1.) Examples of when it has been successful
2.) Roadblocks when it hasn't
3.) Techniques that you have found to be most effective

Your insights will be used in a 2008 conference to 'train the trainers' of every county foster parent and social worker in my state. The information that you share can be anonymous.

Looking forward to hearing from you...

Julie said...

I am praying- I hope Emilee has learned some good coping skills that she can use- Hang in there- you are doing a wonderful thing wiht her- even if it is only for now.