Wednesday, November 21, 2007


She didn't get discharged...LONG Story. I'm not up for writing right now. Just know I'm ok. Having a tough time with this whole ordeal, but I'm ok. Things will get better (they can't get worse---or can they?)

For those of you that have email me directly...I want to talk. I need to talk. I just can't find the strength right now. Thanks for sending me your phone #'s!


Amanda said...

Oh goodness. So sorry to hear this. I'm around if you want to email me directly... ladyjane1202_at_yahoodotcom.

Yondalla said...

I understand not being up to talking. I did not want to call anyone when I was most upset about Frankie. I was just SAD, SAD, SAD and what was there to say on the phone?

Sometimes I wanted to write though.

whatever you need, remember there are a lot of us here who are ready to listen.

Mary said...

Amen. I'm here if/when you need me.