Thursday, November 1, 2007

I need some advice

from anyone who has previously dealt with a child play therapist. Emilee had another appt this morning. This would make appt #3. The therapist spent 50 minutes talking to me and 10 minutes sitting on the floor watching Em play with the dolls. Is this normal???? I realize she needs to get to know Emilee but what is she learning in 10 minutes???? Maybe I"m just not getting the drift of what this whole "therapy" thing is supposed to be.

In my thoughts....shouldn't she be talking to Emilee about how she is feeling. Especially since she knows that Emilee now knows that they get to stay with us forever. She never even talked to her at all about that. Didn't even bring it up. Doesn't it matter how she feels about that? Is she happy she gets to stay with us? Is she sad because she might forget about her bm? Are we nice to her? Do we ever say mean things? I don't know - maybe just get her talking a little bit about something! I know you can't just hit a 7 year old with a bunch of questions, but shouldn't you be starting somewhere?

I really feel like I took time off work(ok so since I really HATE my job right now, that wasn't a bad thing, but I also wasted my morning off by taking her)...drove 150 miles...and kept her out of a 1/2 day of school for nothing!

Please....what are your experiences with therapy for your kids????

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Julie said...

If this is just visit 3- then she is getting to know what the story is from you and watching Em- Emilee also has to get a level of comfort with her that she will get by you being in there with her and comfortable with her- does that make sense? it takes longer with kids- I would express your feelings to the therapist next visit and see what she says but that is my take. Hang in there- it is a longer process than with older kids and adults- :)