Friday, November 9, 2007

Confidentiality and stuff

Reasons to get a new job...

1. Confidentiality is not a priority of this employer. Payroll information is shared openly by the Human Resources dept with other employees. (Yep a big NO NO)

2. Hours are the pits when you are trying to raise a family (and especially a Special Needs Family)

3. Chargebacks for something sold in 2004 are taken out of my commission...(i.e. John Smith was in and bought a new vehicle. Purchased a Vehicle Service Contract, GAP, and Maintenance plan in Aug 2004. Jane Doe was the business manager and got paid the commission for selling John these products. In 2007 John decides to trade off his car and wants to cancel the remainder of these products and get his pro-rated refund. Great. Jody can do that as she is now the business manager. That amounts to $600 refund for John. That $600 comes out of Jody's commissions! Yep - are you still wondering why I HATE MY JOB????)

4. "The Employee" is still causing waves around here and no one seems to care and it's not just waves with the female employees any more. Hmmm...where does the problem lie?

5. I could go on but these are the biggies.

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