Friday, November 2, 2007

It's Friday....

So what are your plans for the weekend?

I have to work tomorrow (ugh!) and then we are going to go meet the respite family (aka Mommy's friends! as far as the kids are concerned as of yet). I need to figure out how to tell the kids or should I say WHEN to tell the kids. Emilee was talking the other day about the foster home they stayed at with Donny & Conny went away on a trip. So I know she will understand. I just have to find the right time to do it.

It is also my niece's 1st birthday tomorrow and my sis is having a small party on Sunday for her. I could drive down there (2 hrs one way) but that is a lot of driving and with $3.00 / gallon gas - that will get to be expensive so not sure what to do there. If I could find a sitter for the kids - I would go, but that's a lot of time in the van for the kids. We'll see what happens.


In other news...remember when I was having those "issues" with a fellow employee. The one who is old enough to be my dad but is very CREEPY??? Well they are still going on. I've been keeping a log on my computer of exactly what time he talks to me, where we are at, why he is needing to talk to me and how it has made me feel. Well, yesterday when I went to lunch, another employee came in my office to use my computer and was snoopy. (That's a whole story in itself but at least there was nothing to incriminate myself that was seen - i.e. job app). He showed my log to the GM. So today after the Friday meeting, the GM asked me to stay for a minute to discuss some commission issues on the sales people. We did that and then he asked about the other employee. He told me he had been shown my log. I told him what all had been going on.

He then told me my options.

1.) He could speak with this employee and tell him that he is to stay out of my office and not speak to me for ANY reason. If he has a question that is business related, he can go to GM and GM will bring the question to me.

2.) I can file a written harrassment complaint and go thru all those steps.

I told the GM that the only reason I had not come to him sooner is because the last time I did, this employee came back to me complaining about what I had told GM. I told GM about him following me to my vehicle and everything.

We came up with the plan that GM will speak with employee today and give him a verbal warning. If employee comes to my office for ANY reason or talks to me within the dealership for ANY reason, I am to go to GM immediately. Then I will have to file a written complaint. I don't want to be the "bad guy" in all this, but it really is driving me nuts. I think that is part of the reason I HATE MY JOB is because I know I have him here to bug me and give me the creeps all day.

We'll see how things go after today.

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Trace said...

Good luck! Hopefully that will resolve the issue. Working in an office can suck (as I have already stated), but the paycheck part is nice.

I don't know that I would go to the 1st birthday party if I was in your shoes, but remember I am somewhat emotional about my family member having children.

Good luck w/the respite care!!