Monday, November 19, 2007

Now What???

I just spoke with social worker from the hospital. Emilee will be discharged tomorrow. Sentence #1 - They have witnessed no behaviors.
Sentence #2 - Emilee and another patient were ganging up on staff and so Emilee was moved from her room to a separate room.
(???So no behaviors but she was moved from her room because ganging up on staff???Hmm what would they consider behaviors???)
Sentence #3 - There are no meds needed for her.
Sentence #4 - I was unable to find a therapist who will take a 7 yr old so you will just have to stay with Dr. So and So. I know you're not happy with her services, but hopefully she can accomodate you. We are recommending therapy sessions 1 x per week and if Dr. So-and-So can't accomodate that, hopefully a schedule can be worked out as best as you can.

Here's my interpretation of what she was telling me... (Remember not her words...mine)'s your kid. We took her off all meds and babysat her for 1 week. We did nothing else except make her mad at you for bringing her here. She blames you and we really don't care. Afterall, she's your problem, not ours. Good luck with your therapist. We know you don't like her, but that's your problem too. Bye.

So now what do we do? I told the therapist that I can't say we are comfortable bringing her home tomorrow. Afterall, look at the accusations she made. UGH!
I just talked to Hubby on the phone and he was no support. Thanks you too. He doesn't think I should confront Emilee in the meeting tomorrow. And I don't mean in a bad way, but just bring up how these accusations make me feel and how serious they are. What are you thoughts out there? Do I dare say anything to her face? I know she's only 7 but she's a SMART 7.


Yondalla said...

I actually have advice about the allegations, which you should feel free to discard.

Don't attempt to get her to understand how you feel. It is not clear that she has the empathetic skills for that project to be successful. I expect that you will just feel frustrated and hurt. Worse, she may come away with it having learned that it is a very powerful weapon against you. She may say she is sorry, but she will also have her sense of power confirmed.

But talk to Mary. She would know far better than I.

Jody said...

Thanks Yondalla. You are probably right. It just is really hard right now. I need to grow a backbone and FAST! I've got less than 21 hours!

Yondalla said...

I really like Mary's recent post.

I think she is right about not responding emotionally to them. It is so hard when we want to make a connection to them, but that is not necessarily what is good for them.

Amanda said...

I have no advice... just know I'm thinking of you.

Julie said...

thinking of you too! hope she will "get it" on some level soon- does she get consequences for her behavior? "if you do this then you don't get this... or have to do this..." I just read on another blog about a consequence jar where every time her daughter displays inappropriate behavior- she has to take a task from the consequence jar- like clean the bathroom, no tv for the weekend, organize the toys, .... whatever will work for her. It is helping her 5.5 year old. I am sure this is just so hard. hang in there!