Saturday, November 17, 2007

Poor JP

I feel so bad for him. He just doesn't get it. Why is his sister in the "hospital" when she didn't look sick when we went to visit last night? Poor little guy. What do I say to him? He started crying when we were eating supper at the restaurant. When I asked him what was wrong, he said, "I miss Emilee". This morning he came out to the living room while I was blow drying my hair and here's how it went...

Me: Good morning big guy. Can I have a hug?

JP: (Tears welling up in his eyes) Mom, I miss Emilee.

Me; I know you do buddy. Come here and give mommy a hug. I miss Emilee too.

JP: When is Emilee coming home?

Me: Hopefully a few more days is all she will be there.

JP: Ok, mom. Can I have a poptart for breakfast?

Me: Sure, should we have some Chocolate milk with your poptart.

JP: Well, actually, I would like some juice.

Me: Ok, sounds good.

Gotta love 'em. So upset one minute and then food takes over! :-)

As for the visit last went ok. Luckily the nurses let us go to a room outside the "unit" to visit so that JP wouldn't be in that atmosphere. He tried to tell his sister that he misses her and she was too busy telling us how gross the food still is. Kids!

She did have a slight meltdown when we left. OK, a little more than the day before when it was just Hubby and I there. It took 2 nurses to take her back to her area. It's so sad. JP wanted to know why she was crying so much. We just quickly changed the subject. The nurse who walked us out told us that she had had a meltdown yesterday morning over another child saying they were going to touch her stuff. It lasted about 1 hour. So hopefully they are seeing some of the behaviors that we see and they don't think she is such an angel anymore.

Tomorrow she gets to have a pass to leave. Weather permitting (it is snowing/sleeting here now) I will go get her and go shopping for a little while and see how she reacts to being taken back there. Also, tonight she will call us as we told her we couldn't go visit her and she will then figure out that my sister's oldest 2 (3 1/2 yrs and 1 yr old) will be staying at our house. We'll see how she handles that.

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Julie said...

I just can't imagine how this is for you and JP must just be clueless- poor little guy- Hang in there!! prayers and hugs to you all!