Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thank You!

To everyone who has left a thoughtful comment on here the past few days (and in the past in general). Your comments are very much appreciated.

I also want to apologize. For those of you with site counters...I've been lurking...just not really into leaving comments this week. I'll try to get better at that...just know I'm reading and thinking of you. I just can't take the time to comment because I can't think straight! Sorry!

Hey...all my faithful readers... I have a site map....Anyone care to give me a generic idea of where you're at in this world?


Granny said...

Jody, I've commented only once but I've been lurking since then.

No problem with comments; I realize how frazzled you must be right about now.

Take care - I'll look at your site map.

Trace said...

I live in PA outside of Philadelphia.

Your not complaining. Everyone needs to vent!!

Julie said...

Jody- your in a tailspin these days! Just keep us posted! :)

Sitting in Silence said...

I'm from Australia and have been reading your blog on and off. I cant remember if this is the first time I have commented- sorry.

Anyway I really like your blog and hope that things are on the rise for you.
You sure deserve it.
Take care,