Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sad Sad News

Last Thurs night there was a car accident not too far from our home...maybe 10 miles or so. A young woman, 31 years of age, missed a curve, rolled her car and was killed. She left behind 2 young children. I just got a call from Hubby who got a call from a guy who works with him but at a different location (does that make sense? Same boss...but this guy works for the farm where as hubby works for the seed company). Anyways, this guy is like a grandpa to us. He's great! So caring. He's especially special to us as he played a part in getting hubby and I together back in the day. Anyways, I'm getting off track.

This young woman who Hubby knew as she was only a couple years behind him in school, was not married. Engaged, but not married. Her dad is too old and doesn't think he can care for the children. She has a couple step-sisters/brother but they have families of their own and not much money so don't feel like they can take them. They are looking for a home for these children and our friend...let's call him Herby, called Hubby asking if we had any kids and would at least think about taking them.

I can tell Hubby wanted to say YES. The prob...they are both boys. We live in a 3 bedroom home. We currently have a boy and a girl. Our rooms are not big enough to have 3 kids in a room. What do we do? Here are 2 boys who have no one in their family who wants them. How sad is that? Now what do we do? I wish there was a way to make this work! Hubby has NEVER sounded so bummed about anything when it comes to kids. :-(


Yondalla said...

Yes, it is very sad. I hope they find a good home.

Perhaps you can be part of their lives, even if they can't live with you.

Susan said...

Are either of the boys under 2? In our state you can have a child under 2 in a crib in your room. Of course that would only be a short term solution.

Mary said...

Since it doesn't sound like these two litte guys would be wards of the state, it would basically be a private situation, wouldn't it? I would do a little more investigating to see what can/cannot be done. You guys sound perfect for helping them!

Trace said...

A foster home? Or an adoptive home? Or a foster to adoption situation?

Jody said...

They are looking for an adoptive home. They want to avoid the boys going into foster care but I think that if we even remotely were going to think about it (and I have enough on my plate right now so that's not going to happen) I would want them to be "foster" children first. We need to transition them and with the death of their mom, they will also have some issues that will need to be worked thru. I'm not up for that now. I can't handle what's all going on the way it is. Yet, they are still on my mind. I wish I could help them but I need to figure out how to understand I can't do it all.