Monday, November 26, 2007

WOW...what a weekend

First of all, I should know better than to smart off..My mom and I were talking about foster care the other day and I was bragging how living in the middle of nowhere like we do...we don't get the middle of the night emergency placements. When will I learn to keep my mouth shut??? And more importantly...will I ever learn to say NO?

Sat morning the phone rang at 5am (I HATE 5am phone calls...they're never good!). It was the same CPS worker that I had to talk to about the accusations and I was like, "Uh oh, what did my angel do that you are calling me at 5am to tell me!" I should think happier thoughts too. She was calling because a young mother had decided to try to take her own life and they needed a home for a 3 yr old girl and a 7 month old boy. I said, OK we'll take them for the weekend and see what the beginning of the week brings. So I scrambled to take a shower and find my baby stuff and get it washed. A little before 7am they finally showed up (we live 30 miles from big town). Good thing I had some diapers on hand and a few wipes and a can of formula from when L jr & L were with us last Jan.

The what should I call them...A (girl) & T(baby boy) for now... are very well behaved. A has the most beautiful long naturally curly hair half way down her back. I was in heaven playing with her hair. She has obviously had her way on EVERYTHING in her short 3 yrs. She is a picky eater (didn't think anyone could be pickier than me, but I found her) and doesn't like to share her toys. She has also been a good caregiver for her little brother as she was telling me how to change his diaper and how much formula you put in the bottle with how much water. Poor little girl...she shouldn't be the one worrying about that stuff.

T is adorable. Big blue eyes and a cute smile. (what baby isn't adorable though???) He has a reflux issue BIG TIME though and so that took some getting used to with feedings. Good sleeper too - up only 1 time per night about 5:30am and that's practically when we get up anyways so no big deal there.

I have asked the county to find a home for them though unless there is a family member that will be taking them by tomorrow. I can't do it with 4 right now. We've got our hands full with our 2 at home. JP is having a tough time sharing the attention now that sister is home. He's had a great 2 weeks being an only child and it will take some getting used to for him. He was showing a lot of the same tantrum issues his sister showed that horrible night yesterday and this morning. I pulled Emilee aside and showed her how her actions affect JP too. I think she needs to realize that he looks up to her and copy's her.HOpefully he will settle down here within a couple days and once the xtra 2 are moved.

It's tough though...I would love to keep T. A is WAY TOO MUCH like Emilee. Their personalities clash BIG TIME. We'll see what the county sees as a plan of action and go from there I guess. I suppose I would get used to getting 4 kids up and out the door by 7:30am but am I ready for that??? No I don't think I am. There will be other babies. Unfortunately, I know that is true. Foster care is something that the need is always there for. Things happen for a reason. Right???


Julie said...

I can't even believe you !! That is great! It is probably good for Em and JP as they don't get all the attention and have to share- it is all so hard to know- hang in!

Jody said...

Julie - How's everything going for you? I'd love to be invited to your blog.

Mary said...

Julie's right; having the extra little ones there is probably a good "ice breaker" for transitioning Emilee back home. Hope it all continues to go well.