Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween pics

Here's a couple pics from Halloween. The "Bride" and her western "Groom" are just adorable aren't they??? They wanted to be like mommy and daddy were on their wedding day (Ok, except Hubby didn't wear a holster/gun and he had a tux jacket/shirt and black hat) but that's as close as we could come. Emilee even wore my headpiece from our wedding. I'm such a nice Mommy! :-) Spider man is my bff's son.

I'm going to remove the one of Em & JP from the front in a few days but thought you'd like to see it.
Have a great weekend.


Amanda said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing!!

Kathy said...

What cutie's!!

Destiny saw the pictures too and she said "They're nice! Where's their house?" She means...They're cute, I want to go see them. She thinks they live nearby :) She really liked that JP was a cowboy, since she was a cowgirl for Halloween, and she loves Spiderman too.