Monday, October 1, 2007


MY SISTER! She really drives me nuts some times. So I was supposed to have her 2 oldest this weekend. Then she was coming up on Sat or Sun with the new baby and to pick up the other 2. On Friday she called my mom and told her that my brother was on his way up to pick up the kids. She NEVER even had the guts to call and tell me. She had my mom do it when I called her Friday afternoon to check on JP.

Then she tells my mom that she wants to stay at our house this coming weekend when she comes up for my mom's knee surgery. Ummm maybe you should check with me first. We won't even be home this weekend as it is the NDFPA Convention this weekend and we will be gone to it Friday -Sunday.

Well I guess she's not looking for a baby gift from me anytime soon. Good thing I didn't buy her clothes. I got her some baby wipes and a blanket and some infant mittens. Now who knows when I will see this little sweetpea. UGH - she makes me so mad sometimes!

Plus if she had just called me on Friday - i would have brought her kids down to her on Sat and then I could have seen the baby then. But I wasn't going to make the trip 2 hours down there when I wasn't even good enough to call on Friday to say that the kids weren't staying with me. (Yes my jealous infertility side is kicking in now!). If she wants to be a brat - I can play her game. (Shame on me but I can't help how I am feeling right now).

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