Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life is going on

We have FINALLY settled with the ins company. Did we get what we wanted? Sort of. Once the adjuster found out that we weren't looking for him to pay off our loan in full - he came up to the dollar amount that we were looking for. What I "forgot" to tell him was that our vehicle service contract refund was also being sent to the bank and after that was applied, we were only $200 shy of paying off the loan with what we had settled on for a $$ amount with the ins. Oops...that slipped my mind.... LOL. I'm not stupid. I've worked in this business long enough.

We also picked out our new truck last night. It was a weird feeling to see Kenny driving a truck again. We deal directly with the GM of our local dealership and he knows he needs to give us a good deal as I work for the local Ford dealership and well my boss did agree to find us exactly what truck we wanted even if it was GMC. Well we are getting a good deal and are able to put all the accessories on that we want and still keep our payment almost $100 less per month than what we were paying. Guess it makes a difference to buy an 2007 in Sept 2007 versus buying an 07 model truck in Feb 07. Now the rebates/special financing rates are out cause they want to get them off the lot. We will sign all the lovely paperwork and Hubby will pick up the truck tomorrow afternoon. He's like a kid in a candy store....can't wait to show it off. One thing we learned...we are taking a pic of it right away brand new. We had done this with all our other trucks...why? I don't have a clue but he did it. Well we never got one of the red truck. So guess what I am going to do???? Yep - bring the camera with tomorrow and take a pic of the red one that is on the lot that looks identical to what we had (minus all the accessories that we added to it). Ok, so I'm a dork...oh well.

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Trace said...

Congrats on the new truck! A new car is always exciting!!