Thursday, September 20, 2007

100th post!!

Oh yipee!! Anyways, just thought that was cool. 100 times I've bored you people with my life. Thanks for continueing to read on. update on hubby. He's doing pretty good. I FINALLY convinced him that he needs to be further checked out by a doc though for his hip/neck issues. We need something in writing from a medical professional that he is having issues. He said he's only going to the doc to make me happy. Well guess I don't care why you are going - just that you are is what matters. I know he's going to have neck issues for MANY MANY Days/months/possibly years to come and why should we pay for that???

As for insurance companies - what a joke! We talked to both our ins company and the other driver's company. Get this....Hubby(as of our conversations yesterday) was 40% at fault because he didn't physically stop at the intersection to be sure no one was coming. Now remember, this is an unmarked intersection and he could see to his right that no one was coming. Yep - but he should have stopped and looked left since it was partially obstructed by corn. Give me a break. Now today they (the other ins co) have come back and decided on 80/20 for a split. Ok, better but not there yet. That means that our premium will go up for the next 5 years due to this 16 yr old's inexperience. Not going to happen. Boy am I a biatch!

So now we're in a holding pattern. If they came up 20% in one day....maybe tomorrow they will accept 100% of liability???? Who's worth a shot at this point. Plus the first figure our ins company gave us for the pickup as a settlement was ridiculous! Come on people, I'm no dummy. I have worked in this industry for over 5 years now. Go Screw someone else.

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Trace said...

Oooooh, I'd be pissed too!!