Monday, September 17, 2007

Back to Real Life

and wishing I was still on "vacation". Although I was happy to get home on Friday afternoon, it didn't take long to wish the week hadn't went quite so fast. It seemed to drag on at the time but MAN....was it relaxing for the most part. Peace & quite was never so enjoyable! I came home to find out Em had had a tough week in school and at the afterschool program and had been disciplined many times for not listening. UGH! Welcome to parent hood, right??? JP left his "ears" on the bus and didn't want to listen to anything I said on Friday night/sat am. I was never so happy to take them to Grandpa's house on Sat afternoon so we could go to my mil's wedding. And I had only been home with them for 24 hours!

So my mil got married on Sat to the man that she cheated on my fil with. I have a problem with her wearing a white wedding dress (maybe I'm just old fashioned but doesn't white signify purity???). She has 3 grown (ok they are 35,34, &14) kids. I also cringed at the words "Love, Honor & Obey...forsaking all others......" during the ceremony. Afterall, she CHEATED on my fil with this man! I know this is normal wedding lingo but it just didn't fit this situation. OH well. His family (son & granddaughters) were in the wedding party. We were Host/Hostess & hubby's sis was the guest book attendant & little brother was a gift carrier. Not that I care but as host/hostess our job was to set up the tables under the BIG TOP (think circus here). We were not included in any family pictures or anything. Little Brother & Grandma Anna & mil's brother & his wife were all seated at the head table during the reception. We didn't even get a chair to sit on! Finally once the dance started, she came over to talk to us. Needless to say Hubby's sis had left the place LONG before that. I did ask for a picture of us with her and she did oblige us. Such a nice lady! So then her new hubby whom I will call Step Dad even though we will not refer to him in that way in "real" life came over to talk to us. He invited us out for sunday dinner sometime. We will go and make an effort. After that - it will be in their court. I told Hubby that i was VERY disappointed at the wedding at how much we were NOT included in the celebration. I thought this was a turning point but I guess not. I'll see what happens in the future. I really want her to be a part of our lives and a part of our kids' lives, but I can't force it on her. All i can do is continue to invite her to our family functions and see what she chooses to participate in.


La La said...

Hi! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I am in a similar situation. Hubby and I are not able to have our own kids due to his infertility and while we are pursuing using a donor, we are also looking into adopting a little boy who I currently know through working for a local foster family agency. I just wanted to say "Hi" and good luck on your adoptions!

Trace said...

If it was me I would be mad about your MIL and hurt for your husband.

How did your husband handle the kids by himself while you were gone? Did it go somewhat smoothly? (he he, I know you said that he wasn't as involved as you would like)