Wednesday, September 5, 2007

TPR News and Home Visit and other stuff

Ok so everyone is waiting for more info on the TPR (or at least I want to believe you are out there waiting to here) so here it is. Bio dad was caught telling a lie under oath. He then hung up the phone (if you really wanted your kids back - wouldn't you make an effort to actually show up for court versus being there by phone???). They tried to reach him repeatedly but couldn't. Court was then dismissed. The verdict came in last Thursday morning and that's that. I have not heard that dad is trying to appeal anything as of yet. We'll see what happens though.

We had a home visit from our local sw last night. It went pretty well. I knew it would. She's pretty laid back when it comes to this type of thing. She asked a bunch of questions about how things were going and that was about it. She wanted to just see how we interact with the kids and to be sure we weren't living in a filth house. (I'm no spotless house cleaner - but I do like things in order). Oh and I even had 2 bowls of cucumbers on the counter as the kids were eating when she showed up and she didn't care!!! One bowl had ranch dressing on them and the other had vinegar/sugar on them. Oh and the bread bag was open on the counter and butter dish was on the table as the kids wanted buttered bread with supper too.

I have to be thankful that our county is not as nit-picky as what i have read about some of your counties. They have their issues that's for sure but at least they aren't so invading of privacy and outrageous when it comes things out on the counter during meal times/meal preparations and etc.

Yesterday I was a "STUPID MOM". Know why????? I made Em eat breakfast before going to school! Darn it - and I must be mean too. Shame on me. To stick up for her - I don't like to eat as soon as I wake up in the mornings either, but we only have 30 minutes to get ready for the bus and so therefore, she NEEDS to eat. They eat lunch at 11am but she can't wait that long. Maybe someday she will realize I'm only trying to do what's best for her though. Every step she took out to the bus yesterday she was yelling "STUPID MOM" a little louder each time. (To top it off - the bus driver had some windows open on the bus. Great! Now I can only wonder what went thru her mind yesterday as my sweet little girl walked out there yelling that. Kids! Gotta love them to death! (Update - by the time I picked her up from my fil's last night - she apologized and told me I wasn't stupid! She just didn't like the cereal I had poured in her bowl!)


Kathy said...

It sounds like you guys are moving along with everything, and will have the adoption finalized in no time! love them, and they drive you crazy at the same time! That's really good that she apologized when she got home though.

Trace said...

You are a typical chick w/2 small ones running around. I can't imagine the social worker never has a messy kitchen, LOL. Try not to be hard on yourself.

Congrats on the little ones!! What happens now?