Thursday, September 6, 2007

What happens now....

Today I received update case plans from our AASK worker. They have a timeline on them for what we are required to do by what date and what she is required to do and by what date. She has finalization set for Feb 2008. The earliest we can finalize is Dec 6, 2007 because the kiddos have to be here 6 months which is on Dec 5, 2007. She does state that things can move along quicker if we so choose. We'll see what the therapist has to say once we get the initial appointments out of the way and make a decision as to how quickly we want this done. In a way...I will be ready for it to be over so we can begin life as a true family and not be under someone's watchful eye anymore.

The kids also have case plans now with AASK. Their's are so cute! I, JP/Emilee, want to be adopted by Jody & Hubby by Feb 2008. I agree to .......... and it listed different things they need to agree to and then lists what the sw will do for them and by what date.

Oh my....this is really going to happen!!!!!

Hubby & I will look at all the forms tonight and sign them to make everything a go.

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