Friday, October 12, 2007


Ok...i need some advice from you seasoned foster parents out there.

The kids' therapist is really pushing for medications for Em & JP. Yes they have many many issues including ADHD, ODD, RAD, mood disorders, etc....I'm very worried about medications though. I've heard horror stories. What can you tell me about some of the meds out there. Which are working for you? Which would you say STAY AWAY FROM??? I know every kid is different and every situation is different but I don't even know where to start to research the meds before our pre-adopt checkups next week. Then I will talk with the doc at that time and see what he says.

If you want you can email me your answers if they get too long for a comment.

Have a great weekend everyone.


La La said...

While I whole heartedly agree that you sould approach medicating children whith EXTREME caution, when it really is warranted (when the children really CAN benefit from it) it can be a wonderful thing. At my agency we have our own private doctor in house and we try to use medication very sparingly, but when it IS needed I have seen it work wonders and really help children out tremendously. Just remember, if they try a medication out and it does not work for your child they can always take them off and try another...but if they can get a good medication plan going that really works for your children and can help them to be better adjusted and happier your children will be so much happier and more relaxed. While I cannot recoomend or warn you away from any specifc medications without knowing more about the behaviors you are trying to treat, I hope that this will help at least ease your fears somewhat. =) The most important thing to remember - in my opinion - is that you can always take the child OFF of the medication if it has undesired side effects, but you cannot go back and redo this period of your child's life. Hope this helps.

Kathy said...

Destiny has ADHD and takes Strattera. It really seems to do a good job, but as she's getting older they will probably have to adjust it.

She's had various doctors adjust and change her med's to where the one's she's on are working really well. We've learned a lot of that from her medical history thankfully.

Hopefully your doctors can find one's that work really well for your little one's. Keep us posted.