Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Foster Parents are under paid....

Fosterabba over at Navigating the Maze posted a link to an AP article regarding how foster parents are under paid. One of our local newspapers ran a similar article today and i really found it interesting where ND fit in the picture. You really should check out where your state ranks.

If you haven't read the article - Read it here.

We fit in the "Needs increases of 51-75 percent to meet minimum rate"

Although I knew we were WAY UNDERPAID, I can say that the
percentage did surprise me. Now i think ...maybe we should move to say....D.C. or Arizona?? Not really...I'm 100% country girl and LOVE living on the farm...but let's pay us what we are worth! It's still cheaper than having these kids in institutions somewhere.

Hmmmmm....why is there only 6 families TOTAL in our
county that do care?

I'd have to agree with Fosterabba....that a big DUH.

We are going to our state convention this weekend....I sure hope this is on top of the list of subjects to cover during the business meeting portion of the convention!

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Heather said...

I read the story yesterday about foster parents being underpaid. I would really hope they could do something about that. Then again, our lovely president can't sign the S-CHIP bill, because kids that don't have health care, really don't need it.... Please note lots of sarcasm at the end of this comment.