Thursday, October 25, 2007

A crazy week this has been

Monday and Tuesday were pretty quiet. Not a lot going on with work or at home or anything. I found out that we have a home visit with the adoption sw on Sat afternoon so have been busy trying to get the house "presentable". JP also came home with a note from his school that they have a confirmed case of Hand,Foot, Mouth disease in the school. YUCK! However, I didn't think too much of it on Monday night. Then on Wed morning I got a call from his teacher. He was complaining that his tongue hurt. She didn't see any blisters in his mouth but wanted to see what I thought. I told her to just watch him and call me if something changed. Well about 1 1/2 hrs later she called again. Another student from his class had blisters in his mouth and was being sent home. Well, ok, I'll come get him. I took him in to the doc right away and he found no blisters so we are in the clear (at least for now). Then him and I went home for the afternoon. I got a lot done so I guess it was ok to have the time off. Last night, he coughed ALL NIGHT LONG. Poor little guy. So we decided to keep him home from school today and let him rest. He just layed on the couch and watched cartoons all day. Even took a 3 hr nap. Now this is my child who has ADHD! It's not like him to just lay on the couch and do nothing. He didn't even try to talk to me about anything while he was laying there. Still no blisters though so maybe he's just catching a cold??? Let's hope so. I don't need to be off work for 7-10 days while this virus runs it's course. Hubby came home from work at 3:30pm so I could come into work for a couple hours. Not that we're overly busy but if I put in 2 hrs during the day, I can be paid for the whole day, so why not come in???? I've been playing games on line the whole time. Tough job!

Well other than the visit on Sat, no big plans for the weekend. I have "conned" mommy into cooking supper for us Sat night. I'm really craving a "home cooked meal" of meat, potatoes and gravy and she agreed to do it. I could make it myself but it never tastes as good as when she does it. Plus it's been ages since we've been to their lake home (and it's only 9 miles from our house!) I know, bad daughter!

So what are your plans for the weekend???


Trace said...

You mom owns a house on a lake? Get your tush over and enjoy! Swimming, kayaking, relaxing... Unless of course it is too cold and you have to wait until atleast May.

It sounds like everything is going pretty well for you guys. Enjoy the extra time at home. I always think it's such a treat when I get to stay home after a doctors appointment or whatever.

Jody said...

Hi Trace -
Yep- mommy & daddy own a nice home on a small lake near us. We spend A LOT of time over there in the summer. Sometimes I think we may wear out our welcome! It's nice too because during the week we can head over there for a couple hours and not interrupt our schedule too the parents live on their farm about 35 miles away during the week so if we head to the lake M-F, it's usually just us!

It's getting too cold now for any lake outtings for the year. They still have the pontoon in the water but I think that's coming out this weekend too. UGH! I'm not ready for the cold weather yet! Highs in the 40's with wind this weekend. Yipee!