Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween has begun and other stuff

or at least the craze has officially begun in our household. Emilee had a Halloween carnival at her school on Sat night. Being the nice mom that I am, we went even though their behavior during the day on Sat wasn't exactly deserving of the fun night. Hubby even came with (he knew he'd be in the doghouse if he didn't!LOL). The kids were so cute. I do think I had more fun getting them ready than they had going! I will HAVE to take pictures of them on Wed night and post them. I'll save it as a surprise as to what they are going to be until then.... I'm so mean aren't I???
Our weekend was otherwise uneventful. We had a visit from the adoption sw on Sat. She discussed for the first time with the kids what her job is. (Up until then, we had just told them that she was another sw). We also started the kids' Life Books for the adoption. That was fun. They weren't too interested in them though. Oh well.

Sat night we had supper at my parent's house before going to the carnival. MMMMMM was it good. I really can't wait for the holidays to be here so I can have some more home cookin'!
I should here sometime this week whether or not I got the job. I'm not very optimistic as they told me at the interview that they would mail me out a job description and I've never gotten it. Guess that's not a good sign. Oh well...I'll keep looking.

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