Thursday, October 11, 2007

New school

is going GREAT! I would NEVER have thought that I would be excited to see my 5 yr old come home with homework but at least now I know they are making him TRY. Last night he came home with 3 papers that said "Please finish & return, Thanks. Mrs. H.". I got to see his efforts! I am so proud of him. Yes he is struggling at the simplest tasks (or what I think should be simple to a 5 yr old) but then again....he's not 5 developmentally and after I remind myself of that...he's doing GREAT!

I only hope he doesn't have a lot of homework tonight as I am stuck here at work until 8pm. Then it's pick him up at daycare and get home by 8:45pm. Put him straight to bed and if he does have homework, I'll have to get him up early in the am to do it.

I seriously need to find a job with better hours. It hasn't been too busy here today so I've been doing a lot of figuring. I only NEED to bring home about 1/2 of what i make for us to "play" with. We can make ends meet on Hubby's income and any foster care check is just bonus and we are beginning to start the kids' some savings accounts with part of that money. I will need to keep my eyes open on our local job service website to see what I can dig up.

Working so many hours is really taking a toll on me and plus I'm just not happy with my job right now. A lot is going on and policies are changing without employee's knowledge (I don't think they can do this legally can they???) and well I'm getting screwed (and not even getting to enjoy it). I miss my kids!

I don't want this to turn into a ranting rage so I'll end it here for now. Happy Friday to all tomorrow! Big plans for the weekend???? Emilee turns 7 on Sunday so big party planned for Sat for her. SHould be fun.


Trace said...

I am so ready to get a new job too, but since everything is up in the air w/various ways to enlarge the family I'm not even looking. It's hard to go into a job every day that holds no interest.

Have a great party!!! I hope everything goes smoothly! Does it have a theme or anything? Maybe post a pic or two?

Julie said...

Me too! but there is just too much going on to worry about that too- I hope you can find something- 8:00 is so late to get home!