Saturday, October 20, 2007

Are you keeping your fingers crossed???

Ok, remember a few days ago I asked you all to keep your fingers crossed? Are they??? The reason you are doing this is because I had a job interview yesterday afternoon. It's for the office manager position at a local clinic that is opening in Dec. The interview went good (in my opinion) and I'm hopeful that I will get it. They said they have a few more interviews this coming week and then will make a decision. They also told me I was the first one they interviewed. So...that could be good or bad. The last person they interview will be fresh on their minds. Being first though, I can say that everyone else will have to measure up to me. (I think highly of myself don't I??LOL)

Keep those fingers crossed for me! It almost sounds too good to be true. Instead of 50+ hours/week it will be more like 35-40 MAX! Mon-Thurs 8-5, Fri 8-noon. Oh darn. NOt sure if I can handle that!

On a different note, the kids had their medical exams yesterday. They both did a VERY good job of showing the doc what kind of behaviors we deal with at home. I was so proud (said sarcastic-ly). At least the doc got to see what the kids truely act like and it's not just me sitting there saying what they do.

The doc kept asking me questions about their behaviors and I kind of looked at him like, "You want me to say this in front of them (Emilee more so than JP)? Are you nuts? Do you realize this isn't going to sound very nice in her mind????"

Well needless to say, Emilee got VERY upset about the things i was saying about her and unloaded on her daycare lady once I had dropped them off and came back to work. I felt TERRIBLE. This doc should have known better. Come one. These kids have been thru Hell and back in their little short lives and now you want me to say all the negative stuff about them to their face?????

Doc & I discussed JP's ADHD and that that is our main concern with him (he could not sit still and do what he was asked for 30 seconds in the doc office) and Em's moods/depression issues. We agreed that we need to tackle the depression with Emilee NOW before we can do anything else to help her.

Emilee and I talked last night and I told her that mommy had to tell the doctor that stuff because we are trying to help her feel better. She asked me 10 times if I still loved her. (Insert tears streaming down my face). I told her YES I LOVE YOU AND I ALWAYS WILL! She hugged me for what seemed like a hour and wouldn't let go. Poor thing. She seemed ok this morning. I will just have to reinforce to her that we love her and want her to feel better about herself.

The doc put Emilee on Zoloft and JP on Adderall. So now to you out there...what do you think about these meds? I'm getting mixed messages from people i know in "real" life.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Done with work in less than 1 hour! YIPEE!! :-) Then it's home to get some yard work done since it has FINALLY quit raining here (5 days was too much). Tomorrow the kids have a bday party at the local gymnastics club so it's back to town we come tomorrow. (It's 25 miles one way from where we live to where I work/JP goes to school). Oh's also 2 hours of "RESPITE" for me!

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