Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Update on Situation

Ok. I feel better today in that I have spoken with the school and the sw and the false allegations will be noted in Emilee's file and that is as far as they will go with it. They know it is false. They said it may be different in the future if the allegations become believable but at least with this one, they are confident that that's all it was...false allegations from a little girl who has been thru hell and back in her short 7 years.

The kids did find out last night that we will be their FOREVER FAMILY. Emilee seemed VERY happy with it. She gave me hug after hug after hug and kept telling me "I love you Mom!". JP on the other hand said he was happy but I don't really think he gets it. It's hard with him..we know he isn't there developmentally and I have so many hopes/dreams for him that I hope he can catch up in the areas that he needs and he can accomplish so much in his life.

Emilee and I had a little talk when I was tucking her into bed. I asked her how she felt about what she was told. She told me she was very happy that she wouldn't have to move ever again. I asked her if this helped her worries and if she understood what it all meant. She said it did. I reminded her that we love her no matter what and told her that naughty behavior won't change anything about how we feel. She will still always stay with us and that we will always love her. We talked about how what she does in school or at other people's home will get back to us and that we may not be happy about her behavior but we still love her. She said that she feels a lot better inside knowing that she doesn't ever have to leave (I SOOO wanted to tell her that when she grows up SHE HAS TO MOVE OUT! but I figured we'd wait on that one. LOL)

On a different note, keep your fingers crossed for me until Friday afternoon...I'll explain more then.


Trace said...

So, the adoptions are going to be finalized? I know there's a specific term, but I don't know it. That is pretty exciting!! Are you thrilled or what? Bittersweet, because your life has taken a turn that you never thought it would? Good vibes are going your way!!

Jody said...

Hi Trace! The kids have to be here for 6 months. Finalization can happen any time between Dec 6, 2007 & Feb 18, 2008. We're shooting for more like Feb just to get all our ducks in a row.

I'm name it. You're right, it's kind of bittersweet...I thought we'd be doing this a year ago with Gabby but I guess things happen for a reason, right???