Monday, October 22, 2007

The weekend in a nutshell

We started the kids on their new meds.

Emilee did very well taking her tablet and was able to swallow it on the first try. It's the very first time she's ever tried to swallow medicine (so she tells us). JP on the other hand was a different story.

We really didn't tell the kids too much about what they were taking. Emilee - just that it would help her feel better when she is feeling sad and so she maybe won't feel so sad so often. She said that is a good thing...she doesn't like feeling so sad all the time. JP - we told him that it would help him be able to sit and do his homework better so he could listen to what we were trying to tell him and help him learn better in school.

His response "I DON'T NEED IT. I DON'T WANT TO LISTEN". Poor little guy, if you only realized that you don't have a choice. I'm not asking you if you WANT to take it...I'm telling you that you are GOING to take it. Well I've been practicing keeping my cool and not raising my voice at all and I think I'm doing better (let's NOT ask Hubby right now...k?LOL). So after wasting 2 pills trying to get him to learn how to swallow - I finally figured out how to open the capsule and put the med on a spoon with some pudding and made him swallow it that way. (Ok, I know - developmentally he's only 3 yrs 3 months and what 3 year old can swallow a capsule...that's why I finally figured out how to open it up).

We didn't see any thing major in the terms of side effects yesterday during the day (not that I really expected to but I was extra watchful anyways). The kids went to bed fine but at 3am JP was crying in our doorway. Hubby woke up first.

Hubby: What's wrong?
JP: I'm scared of the dark (we try this one EVERY night when it's bed time...but his blinds are open a little so the yardlight shines in so he has a night light of sorts)
Hubby (getting out of bed): Come's the middle of the night and you need to go back to bed. You'll be fine

Hubby takes him back to bed and gives him another teddy bear (count is now at 2 plus his blanket). Then he comes back to bed. Fast forward to 4:52am.

Hubby: Did you hear JP?
Me: No - why what did he do?
Hubby: He was just in here.
Me: Oh. (falling back to sleep or never really waking up)
Hubby: Well go see what his problem is.
Me: Fine (getting out of bed and putting my robe on)

I walk down to the other end of the house and JP meets me at his door.

Me: What's wrong buddy?
JP: I want to get up mommy.
Me; You can't get up. It's still the middle of the night. You need to go back to sleep. You have school in the morning.
JP: I don't want to mommy.
Me; You have to
JP: I don't want to. (This goes back and forth a few hundred more times (ok...a little exageration but it seemed like forever).

Finally I get him tucked in and head back to bed knowing that the alarm is going to go off in less than 30 minutes so I wonder why I'm even laying back down. Then I hear crying coming from the other end of the house

Me: What's wrong JP?
JP: This is Emilee's stuffed rabbit.
Me: So? Why do you have it?
JP: Daddy gave it to me.
Me: So cuddle with it and try to get some more sleep. Emilee is sleeping. She doesn't care.
JP: Ok, mommy.

Back to bed I go. 25 minutes until alarm sounds and counting....

It was like having a baby in the house again that needed feeding in the middle of the night. Except this "baby" could talk back! I knew this was a side effect of the meds but WOW I hope this is not how we are going to be every night. If it is, we'll have to do something different. The poor guy slept all the way to school this am in the van. Luckily we met his teacher outside so we could talk.

Here's hoping tonight goes better!

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Trace said...

The med gives him insomnia? Or anxiety?

Poor little guy, and poor sleep deprived Jodi!!

Did you get the job?