Friday, December 14, 2007

What a week it has been

I got a call from the clinic on my way to town yesterday morning that JP's strep culture did come back POSITIVE from the main lab. Oh Yipee! I guess that's exactly why they say "Don't count your chickens before they hatch!" right? So so much for school and work yesterday. But come on...he went to school on Wed when the clinic said the "quick" test came back negative so he exposed everyone anyways and yet he couldn't go yesterday because the test said positive???? Go figure! Anyways, after sitting in town for 1 hour waiting for the pharmacy to open, we got his meds and headed back home for a day just JP and Mommy. It was nice. I got a lot done and his behavior was very good.

Emilee came home from school and was in a good mood. About 15 mins before supper she found out that JP had been home all day with me. Guess what??? Her tummy instantly started hurting. She refused to eat supper and said she was going to throw up. We sent her to bed after sitting in the bathroom laying on the floor for 10 minutes. About 1/2 hour later she was puking in the bathroom. She threw up a total of 3 times in about 3 hours. She has no fever though. So how much of this could be self induced???? I feel so bad for asking that and I know there is a flu bug going around but this is the hurt mom talking who has been accused of so much. She was fine. SHe had a cookie for snack when she got home. She was playing and running and laughing right up until JP told her he got to stay home. Then after she had gotten "sick" she was more concerned with whether or not she would get to watch cartoons today when she stayed home with me. Well first of all, I took Wed off for her Eye Doc Appt, Therapy Appt and JP's doc appt. Then yesterday I was off due to Jacob having strep. I told Hubby today was his day. She ended up staying with my fil (who just happens to have Friday's off) for a while this am and now Hubby is home with her. She threw a fit when he told her that she had to go in her room and nap. I don't doubt that she probably does not feel very well as we are all suffering from colds...but I can't help wondering if she is making it worse herself??? Hubby says I shouldn't feel this way. I can't help it. Afterall, she has taken all her frustrations out on me this whole time and it will take me time to "let her back in" to my heart. I'm really feeling like a crummy mom right now.

Well see how she is doing tonight. I have to work tomorrow so Hubby is in charge all day tomorrow too. It will do him good.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Angela :-) said...

Hey, I just found your blog through a chain from one of the ones I regularly follow, don't even remember how exactly. LOL My husband & I also live in ND and have been foster parents. We have 4 adopted kiddos--1 foster-adopt, 1 domestic infant & 2 (sibs) international. If you're near Bismarck/Mandan, I have an online support group I'd love for you to join.

(PS. I read some of your old posts & we're the same age!)
Angela :-)

Mary said...

Hey, Jody. I have a child you can make himself puke on demand. And another one that if anyone has even a sniffle, she's got it worse. With the little guy who just died from meningitis, we can't even mention what symptoms might be because someone will "think" they've got it.

Don't knock yourself for being suspicious. It doesn't mean you're not compassionate and loving; it just means you know that sometimes things aren't what they appear to be on the surface. That's a smart mama! ;-)