Monday, December 3, 2007

Well the UNofficial Official Amount is in...

At our house we measured 8.5 inches of snow. The kids LOVE it! Hubby got the yard cleaned out using the 4 wheeler and his tractors w/loaders. I finally got all my christmas lights plugged in with extension cords and guess what....they don't work! :-( Guess I'll have to try to figure out why tonight.

I also started by baking on Sat once I got home. I made choc covered ritz bitz w/peanut butter, peanut butter choc kiss cookies, an easy mint candy using vanilla almond bark and andes mints, sugar cookies w/snickers candy bars inside them, and peppermint candy cane cookies. I still need to make frosted sugar cookies, peanut butter balls, choc and vanilla coated pretzels, mint/choc swirl fugde and another batch or 2 of the mint candies. (Can you tell I like mint???) Hubby also put in his order for m&m oatmeal cookies from scratch. Ok, so out of all this, I may eat the mint candies and a few sugar cookies. Otherwise, I don't like this stuff. I just like to bake. THat's my contribution to christmas dinner...the sweets!

Sounds like we are in for up to 6+ more inches of snow beginning tomorrow. Gotta love living in ND!

**********Updated weather forcast...just a snow advisory vs a winter storm watch....BUT (you know there always has to be one of them in there) we are supposed to get FREEZING RAIN first! YUCK. 2 years ago we had a Freezing Rain storm Thanksgiving Weekend and we were without power for 8 days! I DO NOT want FREEZING RAIN!


Julie said...

OH MY!! You DO like to bake! I like to eat the baked goods- :X But not too excited to bake- I like the "idea" of baking and cooking- I mean I have all the stuff to be a great cook- just dont' do much- ha! best made plans- ha! But I dont have the snow to keep me inside either- it was 35 this morning but should be back up to 70 tomorrow- love this TX weather! :) Keep warm!

Nicki Mann said...

I live in Chicago and our winter storm is coming tonight,,, but I heard we're only getting 3-5 inches. :(