Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Trying to explain

Ok I will try to explain the last few days in a nutshell...

Friday night...left home at 6:40pm headed to my brother's house in South Dakota. A normal approx 2 hr drive. From the time the pickup was moved outside the garage to the time we got in the pickup it had started sleeting/freezing rain. We left anyways. After talking to my sil, it was just cold and windy in their town so we decided to keep going. After about 15 miles on the interstate and 6 cars and 1 semi in the ditch, and people passing us like we were standing still (we were only going 25-30mph) we decided to take the back roads. About 2 hrs into the trip we were somewhere between No Man's Land and The End of the Earth (aka, I have NO CLUE exactly where we were at the time) we pulled over to let the string of cars behind us go past. Well we ended up backing into a light pole that we didn't see due to the snow/wind. Yep, couldn't even see the light on the top of the pole. And we were dumb enough to be out driving in it! But by the time the rain had switched to snow and the wind had come up, we didn't have much choice - either turn around and go back home or hope we would drive out of it soon as it was still not doing ANYTHING at the town we were going to. We FINALLY drove out of the bad weather about 50 miles from our destination and at 10:20pm, we arrived. Crabby Hubby, Crabby Jody and VERY CRABBY KIDS!

Sat we celebrated Christ.mas with my family. Other than my very weird brother and his wife and their 3 1/2 yr old son who is not potty trained and does not eat solid food, the day went pretty well. I was able to get online and lurk thru a couple blogs until my sister "caught" me. She then saw that I had a blog and that is reason #1 that I went private. She got my address. I have crabbed about her on here and I don't need her seeing that. I like the fact that NOONE IRL knows about this blog. No friends, no family, noone. This way I can feel free to say what I want and not worry about hurting someone's feelings. Sat night Emilee had a "normal" temper tantrum directed at me and my bro and sil got to witness it and how much it gets to me. I felt bad. I know it was a strange house but it's not like it was the first night there. She did fine Friday night. She just didn't want to go to bed because we weren't going to bed (it was already 9:30pm).

Sun - we traveled home with no big issues and got home mid afternoon.

Mon - day went ok. Night..well that's a different story. JP wouldn't go to bed. He cried, he screamed, he yelled, he hit. (Hmmm have you heard that before? just a different kiddo) He finally fell asleep at about 10pm. Then SAN.TA had to do his thing quickly and we went to bed. At 12midnight JP got up and went to the bathroom. No big deal. Then he decided to stand outside Emilee's door and say "Emilee"..."Emilee"..."Emilee". So hubby got up and shushed him and told him to go back to bed. THen he layed in his bed yelling and screaming. So he brought him to our room. He then sat on the floor next to our bed yelling and screaming about wanting a drink of water. He got one. Then he wanted more. Then something to eat...come on's the middle of the night. You can wait until morning. So there we sat. At 3am Emilee woke up due to the noise. I went to her room to calm her down. She was VERY worried that SAN.TA wouldn't come because JP was awake. I promised her that if she went back to sleep that SAN.TA would still come. She did as she was asked to do. Hubby and I dosed off and on but how much can you sleep with a 5 yr old sitting at the edge of your bed making weird noises???? He never did go to sleep.

Tues am Emilee got up and came in to see if SAN.TA had come. He did. She got to open her gifts. JP got to open A gift from SAN.TA as he must have come back and took a present back after seeing how JP was acting in the night because I'm sure he would have kept it even and given them both 2 presents had they both been good! JP spent the day in his room resting (and yet he still NEVER fell asleep). We spent the day resting. Emilee spent the day in her room listening to her new CD player and Hann.ah Mont.ana cd that SAN.TA had brought her. Last night was no better for JP. He's overtired. I'm not sure what his problem is. All I know is that I can't deal with it. He told me this morning that he wants to go back to Donny & Conny's house. I screwed up. I told him that they didn't want him back and that is why he is with us. It's the truth but probably not what he needed to be told. Then again..I don't care. (My therapy appt on the 3rd is not getting here soon enough!)

That gets us to today. The pickup is here in the shop. Damage (at my employee rate) is not too bad. If you can figure $900 not too bad. That's with parts at cost and 25% discount on labor. It could be a LOT worse! for a stickin' pole! The kiddo's are at daycare. JP in a pullup becuase he peed in his bed last night. I feel a little guilty as the only pull-ups we have left are princess ones but oh well. With his mood lately, I don't need daycare calling me to say he peed in his pants or all over her house and needs to be picked up or brought dry clothes. He also has orders to take a morning nap and an afternoon nap.

Here's some pics of our lovely pickup.


Yondalla said...

Sorry deary. I hope having the blog private will be some comfort to you.

Julie said...

Ugh! It sounds like a trying holiday- I am sorry- I do hope it gets better!! I wish for snow- but after reading this- I guess not. :( Here is hoping your new year is much better!!!!

noswimmers said...

Oh yuk--I hate driving in frizzle/snow/blowing snow. That's the pits. At least you all made it there safe and sound (albiet a bit crabby).

Completely understandable to go private--this is the only place we can be totally honest.

Trace said...

Oh my gosh!!! How crappy all around. No one in my family knows about my blog either. It gives me freedom!