Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yondalla wrote:

But... you know ... if it were me, I think I would also feel a little pissed that she was being so wonderful at school and such a little terror at home. I mean, I would understand that it was all about attachment, that it was safe for her to be good at school because she wasn't "in danger" of forming a real, honest, deep emotional connection, so she wan't terrified all the time.

I would understand.

But I would be annoyed and maybe jealous too.

You are exactly write...but remember...the last post was a HAPPY post so I left all those feelings out! You are a smart woman!

**********updated (ok I'm adding my negative points about the Happy News from last night)
Ok so I have a little more time now. The comment about "being so wonderful at school"...but she ISN'T!!!! She has been home since the SUnday after turkey day. Out of 12 1/2 days of school (she was sick 1 day, therapy 1/2 day and then misc doc apts 1 day) she has brought home a note depicting her behavior in school AT LEAST 9 of those 12 days. So why was she chosen as Star Student???? I have NO IDEA!!! Unless they are somehow trying to reward her and hoping her behavior will improve because of it???? If that's it...I hate to tell them...it won't work! Been there done that! Ok, I'm stepping off my pedestal now and going back to giving her the benefit of the doubt and being HAPPY for my daughter!

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