Thursday, December 20, 2007

So much to say...So little time

Ok I know you have all been wondering what it was that happened this week.

The short version is:

Emilee decided she didn't want to be in school on Tuesday and nobody was going to make her so she decided to hide out in the bathroom. The teacher found her and told her to go back to class and according to her that day...NO ONE was going to tell her what to do and also "Emilee" was not her name. Her name is "McKenzie". For a while now when she gets extremely upset, she has been using this at home too. I'm not sure where she got the name "McKenzie" from but when she says it..her eyes are totally blank and it makes us think she means it. Anyways, after finally returning to the classroom she threatened the teacher and was removed from class by the principal. At home Tuesday night, things were not good either. That led to the emergency appt with her therapist. And an appt schedule with a med doc to try and get her on some sort of mood stabilizer until we can get in to see a Psychiatrist in Jan.

Ok that about covers it in short form.

**On a side note...I'm sooo peeved at our local sw and her office right now. I'm trying to find SOMEONE who could go get Emilee from School (30 miles from where I work) and bring her to town as I have a meeting at work and I don't want to miss it. Then I can take her to the doc and THEY WON'T DO IT! She's not technically "their" kid as she's from a different they won't transport. UGH! Now what do i do??? Just when I was starting to feel better...this gets thrown at me...I just may cancel her appt...I don't know what else i can do?


Today I spoke with the lady from the Partnership Program. She is supposed to be support for HUbby and I. She called me yesterday when we were leaving therapy and I couldn't talk much cause Emilee was in the car with me so she said she would call me today. Her first question to me was, "How are YOU doing thru all this?" My response?"HOnestly, not good". and then the tears started flowing AGAIN! I did tell her that I had made an appt with a therapist (Jan 3 for all you out there!) and she said that was great. We made small talk for a little while and then went on to what we needed to discuss.

I also told Hubby today that I was going to start seeing someone. Guess what he said??? I think that's a good idea - you've really been a beeatch lately. Hmmm thanks dear! But he's right and I can't fault him for telling me the truth and at least he wasn't like, "You don't need to do that...just talk to me" like he was for a while there. This morning getting the kids ready went VERY well. I just kind of felt at peace. I think making the actual phone call was VERY stressful for me. Now that that is done, I can mark that off my list of things to do. I'm actually making progress already!!!

Now my question to you out there who are also seeing a therapist. What should I bring with me to the first appointment?


Julie said...

:)- I am glad you got through the stress of just calling- that is hard but your done with that- Yea!! You dont' need to bring anything with you- unless you want to refer to a journal or something. The first visit is basically a "why are you here?" so be prepared to discuss that- Be open about the process- you may not feel lots of relief right away- but with time it will get easier. I will pray that you "click" with the therapist- that makes a HUGE difference. You should know that within the first couple visits. This should be really good for you. I hope it helps!

Trace said...

I go to a therapist who specializes in adoption and fertility issues. She's not the first one I saw. Not all therapists are right for all people. You may find that you need to try out a few before getting the right fit...that is totally normal.

Julie's right. You'll spend the first appointment telling him/her what the issues are. She may discuss different techniques that can be utilized. For example, journaling, guided meditation, or basic therapy which is talking. Whatever works for you. I've been doing a combination of different techniques.

I spend a lot of time crying at therapy. The best part is the therapist is SO NONJUDGMENTAL!! She just listens. You can be totally honest and lay it all out there.

I find therapy VERY helpful. I hope you do too.

Emilee is NOT an easy child. I applaud you for sticking it out. Seriously, I don't know that I would want to go through what you are. I think you're pretty freaking amazing!

Jody said...

Thanks ladies! I'm excited,nervous and every other emotion that can go along with that.

And about being "Pretty Freaking Amazing"...I don't feel like I am so it's nice to hear that sometimes. On the other hand...for all those people out there who really don't understand, it's so hard to put on that Happy face all the time. I'm NOT HAPPY. I'm HUMAN and THIS HURTS!!! Therapy will be a good time.

Yondalla said...

You don't need to bring anything. The counselor will already have tissues.

I'm glad you are getting the support you need. You know that I understand how hard it is.

By the way, if you don't "connect" with the therapist after a couple of visits, its okay to switch. It is a very personal experience.

Mary said...

Yup. Just be open and let it all out -- after you feel the therapist is right for you. I felt so much relief just making the appointment too, so by the time I went, I was all mellow and cool with why I was there.

While I only go occasionally now, I cannot express how much she helped me get over all sorts of things. Sometimes, you just need someone to spew all that crap at.

We still need to do that cup of coffee....

Nicki Mann said...

Hmm, what to bring... just yourself, I guess! And, like, your insurance card or whatever. They'll have you fill out a bunch of papers with all sorts of info the first day, and then on the first day you'll probably end up telling an abbreviated version of your entire life story, and then in the next visits you'll start getting more to the heart of the matter. I hope it helps you! So sorry about everything you're going through with Emilee!

noswimmers said...

julie is right, the toughest part is making the appointment--once you get yourself through the door, it feels SO GOOD to just talk.

Forget breakfast/coffee...when I get back we're going out for DRINKS!!