Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How much more????

Daycare called. Emilee is using the F word left and right today. Daycare said she's heard of this side to Emilee but never seen it herself...until today that is.

Hubby called. Van has a flat tire. No big deal. I decide to take a lunch hour (it was 2:20pm) and take him an air tank to air it up so he can change it and I can bring it back to work to have it repaired so Hubby can put it back on the van tonight. Then work tells me they are not sure they can fix the tire. UGH! Not that I have any special tires on it or anything but they did cost $115 a piece and that was just the end of June that we put new tires on the van.

****************UPDATE*************** Tire is NOT fixable. New one can't be here until Friday at the earliest. Price has gone up. Not much, but enough. 80 miles/day on a donut...yep..that's safe.

Mom called. 1. Uncle (mom's only brother) was in ICU last Sat night. Diabetic coma. Aunt went to console a mom whose son was killed in a car accident (icy roads, speeding, no seatbelt = rollover = dead at 24 yrs old). Terrible thing but COME ON - YOUR HUSBAND IS SICK!!! HE SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST RESPONSIBILITY! By the time they took him to the ER, his blood sugar was 1500. He is now blind. Out of ICU, but on 4 insulin shots a day and they can't get it under control. Mom and her bro don't have a good relationship but they are the only 2 kids. It still put a damper on the weekend. Mom called to tell me that she gave my aunt and my 2 cousins on that side of the family all my contact info incase something happens in the next 5 days. (Mommy & Daddy are going on a mini winter vacation with some friends...good for them...she needs some stress relief!). 2. Gma (mom's mom) is sick with bronchitis. Not getting any better. Been on antibiotics for 5 days now and still not good. Can I check in on her a couple times a day (by phone - she lives 60 miles away at mommy and daddy's farm). Yep I can do that. Also, gave gma's special friend (aka boyfriend but no one will admit it) all my contact info too. Thanks mom. I can handle it. Have a good trip! what point do I breathe in the next 5 days???


Yondalla said...

I recommend breathing several times every minute!

Seriously...treat yourself to one minute of deep controlled breathing several times a day.

We are here!

Granny said...

My God!!

Thanks for the invitation and also for the comment on my blog. I'm assuming I don't have two visitors named Jody.

I'd be gasping by now - I suppose that's breathing of a sort.

Mary said...

Maybe Hubby could take over the role of "go-to" person when it comes to daycare. What's the point of interrupting your day and making you stressed about something you can't do anything about at that moment? Let Hubby deflect some of that stuff. That may help ease a little of the tonnage you have resting on your shoulders.

And one of these days, I'm just going to show up and take you out to lunch! (To be honest, it probably won't happen until after the new year, though.)

Julie said...

I agree with the others- do lots of breathing- and take a hot bath! You have way too much on you right now- try to hang in there!!!
thinking of you!! hugs!

Nicki Mann said...

Wow, thats a lot of stuff to deal with! I wish I could come help you out in some way! Be sure to take care of yourself through all of this!

Jody said...

Mary - thanks for the comment (and everyone else) unfortunately with Hubby's job he's pretty hard to get a hold of and they keep track of all phone calls (yes even when I call him - it gets written in the book) NOt that he gets in trouble for me calling or that I call very much but they do keep track. Everyone (daycare, school, etc) know to call him if they can't get a hold of me but at this point, he can't be the go to guy.