Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's Official

We have become the cold & flu season at our house...ok, so hubby actually had the flu symptoms about 2 weeks ago but the kids are not sick. JP has laryngitis. He sounds soooo cute when he talks but I know it hurts to talk so I try to keep him quiet. That's hard to do with a kid who NEVER shuts up and has to ask "How Come?" to EVERYTHING that I say. LOL. We have strep going around right now in town/school/work so I was a little worried. He started coughing Sunday night and it's just gotten worse every day so I finally took him in this morning. I guess it's good news that it's not strep!

I've got a heck of a cold too. My throat is KILLING me and I could play Rudolph in a christmas play and not even need a red nose! :-( Oh well...for must go on.

Em was fine until she found out JP was sick. Now her head hurts and her throat hurts. Oh and I'm a mean mom today because she didn't eat before we left home because she could eat at daycare (she has her 1st therapy appt today and an eye doc appt so she didn't go to school) and then I could get JP in to the doc so it was 9am by the time she got to daycare and she was "STARVING to death". Poor thing. Ok I know she normally eats breakfast at 7am and I don't doubt that she was hungry but give me a would have thought she hadn't had food in a week the way she was carrying on. She also has started calling herself "Stupid" and "Snot nosed Brat" because that's what Conny & donny used to call her (according to her). I told her we don't talk like that at our house and we are not Conny and Donny so she needs to quit that and she told me I'm a mean mom because I won't let her call herself those names. I can't win for anything with her today! Oh well.

Sounds like some snow in our forecast for tonight. Stay warm everyone!


Julie said...

I hate it when sickness comes!!! I hope you all get better soon! and don't get too much snow!!! burrrrr!!!

noswimmers said...

Oh no...its definitely that time of year! Perfect night to cuddle up and watch cheesy Xmas movies! :)