Monday, December 10, 2007

Pics of My "babies"

Ok everyone posts pics of their "babies" aka pets or whatever so since Hubby took some pics of our "babies" this weekend with my new digital camera that "Santa" aka Hubby bought me I thought I would show them off as well. Check out the horns...NO I do not go in the fence with them. I'm chicken! (oh wait...we have chickens too..I'll have to take some pics of them to show off too) And our cats..and my puppy. If I post one pic a day of animals..I could post every day for quite a while! LOL.


Amanda said...

Too cute! Your kids are beautiful. Thanks for sharing :-)

Julie said...

Awwww- glad to see the rest of your family! :) I am not sure I would go in the fence either- :)

noswimmers said...

As you can tell, I'm catching up on my reading--what adorable babies!! :) They must be a LOT of work!