Thursday, December 6, 2007

The diagnosis is in...

on my van. Needs a new heater core. Thank goodness for extended warranty's. Since the van was a "GM certified used" vehicle when we bought it (with just over 6000 milse on it) it has Manufacturer warranty to 39010 miles and then it has a Vehicle Service Contract on it until 75000 miles or something like that. Guess how many miles are on it...36100! Yep normally, my warranty would have expired 100 miles ago. Then again, had it not been CERTIFIED USED with the extended warranty, we would not have bought it or I would have traded it off already. I've never kept a vehicle (since the day I have bought my own vehicles) past 2 years and for sure have never driven it without a warranty on it. Yep, I'm my parents kid. They trade vehicles every 2-3 years MAX and so that is what is engraved in my mind. Hubby's 03 pickup we had for 4 years (March 03-Feb07) with a Vehicle Service Contract purchased on it for coverage up to 100,000 miles and we were glad to have the contract when the light behind the gas gauge went out and we had to replace the complete instrument cluster for 1 light bulb! Yep $3000 repair - that made our $1700 contract well worth it and that's not the only time we used it.

So where was I before I went off about Hubby's truck....hmmm.....oh yeah, so now they think the van MIGHT be done tomorrow afternoon. I told them that I was leaving town at noon tomorrow and so if it wasn't done by then, I wouldn't be able to pick it up until Monday morning. He said to call him before I leave town. I would like it back. We are forcast for MORE SNOW this weekend.

Last 7 days....Sat (1st) 8+ inches
Tues (4th) 2+ inches
Thurs (6th) so far about 1 inch and it has now quit
Sat/Sun (8th/9th) forcast for more

Yep...gotta love ND!

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