Friday, July 27, 2007

Why don't the do what they say???

I talked with sw at 11:30am. She told me that she wasn't sure now if they would be calling me during court or not. Dad needed to be called so she wasn't sure how that was going to work. Dad doesn't even have a court-appointed atty so she was also pretty sure that we would just be continued for another 4 weeks or so. UGH! She told me (and I'm quoting her) "NO MATTER WHAT I WILL CALL YOU AS SOON AS COURT IS OVER SO YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!". Well, it's now 4;17pm and I haven't heard anything. I really doubt that they are still in court. Why can't she pick up a phone and just give me 30 seconds of her time and tell me what the verdict is? I don't understand some people. These are not dogs we're talking about...they are children. Beautiful, Wonderful children who deserve better.

She also told me that she can't get them into therapy until sometime in Sept! Hmmm, maybe you should have called 3+ weeks ago and made the appt and we would probably be able to get in in Aug sometime.

I am just so frustrated!

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Kathy said...

Oh the lovely foster care system! Anything to cause delays and waste time...that's their motto!

I'm sorry that the cw didn't update you on what happened in court, and that there may be another month's delay on getting everything done with the TPR.

I understand your frustration, and I hope that things will move along quickly for you.