Monday, July 23, 2007

What was she thinking....

Well the day is about over already and I'm just getting time to blog....

I ran into G's birth mom last Friday at lunch. Had I not been the next one in line to order, I would have turned around and walked out, but as it was I was trapped. She came up to the line and here's how our conversation went....

T: Hi Jody. How ya doing?

Me: Fine.

T: Any kids right now?

Me; Yep 2 of them.

T: How old?

Me: Excuse me, I have to order now. (Gave the lady my order & tried to make small talk to avoid T's question).

T: So what's the story on these two?

Me; Sister/Brother. Good kids. Gonna be in school this fall.

T: So gonna try to adopt these 2?

Me; Don't know what's happening yet.

T: I got to see G on Wed.

Me: Good for you.

T: She's so confused..she doesn't know if she should call me Mommy or T? So she just calls me Mommy T.

Me: Oh.

T: You know, we all kinda got screwed in court.

Me: Well I know WE got screwed in court, well I gotta go back to work. Bye.

Had there not been a TON of people in there eating I would not have been so polite. what does she mean We all kinda got screwed in court??? She got what she wanted. HER FRIENDS got MY little girl. I hope what she meant is that they aren't letting her visit as much as she wanted to. For G's sake, T has caused her enough pain for a 2 1/2 yr old.

This just ruined my whole afternoon/night. I am doing good. I've accepted what happened and moved on....So WHY WHY WHY did I have to see her???? Hubby told me I should have played dumb and just asked her where G was? Had I been quicker thinking, I just might have, but I was so worried about avoiding her that I didn't think that fast.

Some people just have no brains!!!

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Heather said...

So sorry you had to run into her. I don't think I could've thought of something clever to say either.