Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Better night

Well we had a GREAT night last night. The kids helped me clean their rooms and put all their clean clothes away. Then they took their showers and got ready for bed without any fighting. We even had time to sit down and cuddle and watch a few minutes of a kids movie that was on tv before bedtime. No arguing when I said it was bedtime either. :-) Now these are the kids that I know were inside those "not so nice" kids from Monday night.

I also got a call from the school today. They said, I hear you have 2 children who will be attending school here this fall (registration is Aug 7/8). I was like, Yep I do! She took their names and said she would be calling me to discuss more at another time. They are at the class size limit for 1st grade so they are wondering if they should hire another 1st grade teacher or what to do. I hope they do. With Emilee there are 26 kids in 1st grade this year that they know of. That's a lot! I think smaller class sizes will be better for Emilee and JP this year especially as they are still adjusting to everything. We'll see what happens.

For anyone out there...I'm looking for ideas for JP's birthday party. It isn't until the middle of Aug but if I don't start thinking about it, it will be here and I won't have any plans. Got some fun ideas you want to share???? I really appreciate it!

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Trace said...

It sounds like everything is going a little better. You post in the Yahoo Group yesterday was so sad... It must have been kind of exciting having a SCHOOL call and say that YOU were having children enrolled.