Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Update on Car and other news....

Well, the new part is in for my van.....hmmmm yesterday is was backordered, but they got it in does that happen? My guess is that they called around yesterday and found someone who had one in stock and had it shipped in. Anyways, I have an appt for Friday to get it fixed. I will have to drop it off on my lunch hour and get a ride back here to work. Then they will be delivering it out to me as they close before I get done. (And in my opinion, they owe that to me).

Thanks for all the comments. It does suck that customer service seems to be falling by the wayside as people change. I'm not old by anymeans and it wasn't that many years ago that I was in highschool (my 10 yr reunion is this fall). I can't believe how the kids around where I live have no work ethics. They expect everything but want to work for nothing. This may not be how it is in your area's but it is what it's like here. The cashier's in the grocery store can't even count back change! Come on, that's like Math 101 isn't it????

It's especially frustrating being treated like I was at the other dealership considering I work for a new/used car dealership. I SOOOO wish i could have my vehicle fixed here by I don't drive the make of vehicle for the dealership I work at and since it's only a year old ~ we can't trade yet. If there was any way - believe me - I would be doing it!

Other news.....
I got a call from our AASK worker yesterday. They want to place Emilee and JP for adoption the end of Aug. Good news, right? WRONG! That means we lose our monthly foster care check and we won't even have the diagnoses back from the Therapist by then. Heck, we don't even have a scheduled appt yet. That doesn't give us enough time to negotiate a subsidy or anything. No matter what we can't finalize til Dec so why the hurry? They said if we do this, we don't have to update our homestudy with them. Well I want it updated anyways. We are not done adopting kids and we haven't given the green flag for Emilee and JP yet anyways. Yes, we love them. Yes they are great kids. But we still want to find out what therapy has to say and I want to read their complete files and heck, we don't go to court for 2 weeks to TPR bio dad. To me, it sounds like we may be getting screwed (and not enjoying it!) if we go with their plan. Thoughts anyone????


FosterAbba said...

I so hate car repairs.

Isn't there an independent garage you could take the car to instead?

As for the adoption, don't let your agency push you into anything before you are ready. And do not let them screw you out of a subsidy.

The word "no," has a powerful effect on people.

Julia said...

In our state they must do a total disclosure before you can make a decision. That doesn't mean it always happens, you may have to ask for it. (Demand it) I would ask what the rush is and what happens if you need to wait for the therapist's report. Full disclosure and psych assessments are not unreasonable requests.