Monday, July 2, 2007

Weekend was survived

Well I survived the weekend with my 4 little munchkins. They were really good kids. Thank heavens for friends! I had to work on Sat and a friend of mine who I'll call Kassie watched all 4 kids from 7:30am - 1:30pm and she wouldn't let me pay her!!! Wow that, plus she has a 3 yr old of her own. She is a life saver if there ever was one.

Alyssa and Brady had a visit with their bio family (gparents and parents and uncle) yesterday at a local park. It went very well. I was surprised. They are a different bunch of cookies though. The kids were so tired by the time we left the park though that they fell asleep on the way home.

Hubby took Emilee and JP to Grandpa house (his dad) last night so I only had 2 to feed supper to and give baths at a time. That helped out a lot.

Then we called their Grandma Faye. She is the one who took care of them when they were very little and bio mom and bio dad couldn't take care of them. The call went pretty well. The kids didn't want to talk though cause they wanted to play but I was able to get each of them on the phone for about 6 mins and that was it. Guess it was better than nothing. We now call Grandma every 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings.

So what do people have planned for the 4th of July?? We will be going to the local parade in town Wednesday morning. Then out to my mom and dad's lake home for the afternoon. Some friends of the my parents will be there! We always have a blast with them. Then Wed evening I suppose we have to make the dreadful stop at hubby's aunt and uncles house. At least with 4 kids I can use that as an excuse not to stay long! I'm such a bad person but I can't help how I feel about some certain family members.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday and I'll be anxious to read about everyone's happenings on Thursday!

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