Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Heart Health....

Check out this site at Mamanista . Her little girl is celebrating her 1st birthday. A birthday that is super special because Baby Diva was born with tetralogy of fallot--a congenital heart defect that would be fatal without surgery. A few days before Baby Diva turned 3 months old, she had open heart surgery. Her picture is on this website. She is ADORABLE! From this website, I also learned that approx 40,000 babies (that's 1%-2%) born in the US are born with a heart defect. WOW. That's a lot of innocent little lives.

My twin sister was born with a heart valve defect. To this day, they are still watching her heart closely.

PLEASE help these innocent children. You can visit Baby Diva's birthday tribute page at the American Heart Association . You can read more about Baby Diva's story and possibly even make a donation to the American Heart Association. Any amount will help out.

Oh and if you want to do all this, there is even a contest that you can enter but that is the least of our concerns...let save some babies lives!!!

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Mama Luxe said...

Thanks so much for mentioning the contest and spreading the word!

Thank you as well for sharing your story about your sister--I find it so inspirational to hear about other "heart babies" who have been growing and doing well as adults.