Monday, July 30, 2007

Guess what happened....

Court was CONTINUED!!! Big Surprise! NOT! SW called this morning to apologize for not calling me on Friday. Yeah whatever. Then she asked a bunch of questions about how the weekend went and how the kids are doing. I just told her fine. I really am not in the mood to go into a bunch of details. The weekend really did go pretty well for the most part.

JP decided yesterday that he wasn't going to lay down and rest so he picked his nose until it started to bleed and got blood EVERYWHERE in his room. His sheets/pillow/comforter/his clothes he was wearing/the carpet. You name it, he had blood there. I was so mad! I bet you could have seen steam rolling out of my ears! :-(. I asked him what happened.

Me: What happened? What was bleeding?

JP: "I didn't want to rest!"

Me: (I figured out it was his nose by now) So you picked your nose until it bled?


Me: So how did it start bleeding?

JP: I didn't want to rest.

Me: Whatever.

Then I had him strip his bed of the bedding and bring it to the washing machine. Then he had to take his clothing off and give it to me so I could wash it too. Then he got a bath to wash the blood off himself and put his jammies on. He was not happy that he was getting his jammies on at 3:30pm in the afternoon but why should i dirty ANOTHER set of clothes when he was going to be getting ready for bed at 6pm anyways? (We had to call gma last night so they both got ready for bed early so we could watch PARENT TRAP on tv and be ready to call gma).

Other than this little episode, we really did have a good weekend. I didn't get everything done that I wanted to, but that is how it always goes. Oh well. My mess is still there tonight.

4 more days and we are leaving for Missouri for my cousins wedding!!!! I CAN"T WAIT TO GET AWAY!

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Kathy said...

It never can be easy, with foster care and court, can it?! Did she say when they'd continue, and what she thought might happen? I hope they get it all done and over with quickly, so that you guys can move on.

That's so sad that JP did that, all because he didn't want to rest! It always amazes me how these little kids can hurt themselves like that. I know alot of times it's to be expected, because of all the trauma and the brain/emotional development being stunted...but it's still hard to know about it in reality.

We've read how Destiny throws tantrums, very rarely now though, and how she would even pull at her hair and scratch herself...all when she's VERY mad, and doesn't get her way. It's all frustration, not knowing how to deal with things (in a healthy way), and being a child in her situation. It's still disturbing to think how these children will harm themselves like that.

I hope that things will calm down for you, and that the kids will start to adjust better soon. Hang in there!