Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This is a crabby post....Read at your own risk

My van had to go to the shop this am because there is a problem with the steering. I got a call at about 10:30am that it was done. They have to order a part (Intermediate Steering Sector or something like that). I went to get it at noon hour and here's where it all goes bad...

Usually our Chevy dealership will bring the vehicle around front for you because they park at "Service" vehicles way on the west side of the building and there's no door close to there that customer's can use. The guy handed me my keys and said "It's on teh west side of the building". Ummmm ok. So I go grab my 2 car seats out of the loaner vehicle that they gave me and start my trek to the total opposite end of the building. (Keep in mind I am required to dress up for work so I have high-healed sandals on today). When I get around there and get the doors unlocked, I see my glovebox is open, my DVD player is down and the sunglasses holder is hanging open. I NEVER use the sunglass holder - i just throw them on the dash so I KNOW I didn't open it! The glovebox - ok, they could have needed something but my vehicle is already in their computer system so they shouldn't have. Even if they did - they should have shut it when they were done. I remember putting the DVD player up when JP got out because I made him come across to Emilee's side to get out of the vehicle.

I called the owner of the dealership and complained. He said he would look into it and call me back.

After all, we buy hubby's vehicles from them and buy brand new every 4 years. Customer service is VERY IMPORTANT to me. I have worked in jobs all my life that customer service plays a key role. I expect to be treated the RIGHT way.

But then we are talking about the dealership that once told me that they were going to drill a hole in my fog lamp to "dry it out" because it had moisture in it. Ummm....I may be a female, I may be a blonde, but I'm NOT STUPID!!! They didn't like it when I made them replace the lamp...afterall, GM parts have 1 year warranty on them and it had only been 3 weeks! Give me a break.

I got a call back from the Service Manager a little while ago. He said he asked all the guys in the service department (even the one's who didn't work on my vehicle) and no one remembered anyone being in it.....hmmmm so who diagnosed the problem?? Someone was in it. And he also said it is policy to bring customer's vehicles around for them but someone dropped the ball on mine and he apologized. Well I can tell you who dropped the ball...the guys sitting at the parts desk discussing their golf game last night. He asked if anything was missing and I told him that i didn't think so but I hadn't had a chance to totally go thru the vehicle because I had to get back to work. He told me to look tonight and let him know.

I told the owner of the store that if I could take it somewhere else to have the part fixed, I would but unfortunately they are the only dealer in town for my brand of vehicle. He thanked me for letting him know my concerns and told me that they would get to the bottom of it.

We'll see how they treat me when I take it back in to have the part fixed. I will just be glad to get it fixed and not have to deal with them. I can't trade vehicles for a few years though so hopefully, all goes well with it from here on out.


FosterAbba said...

I hate car dealers.

That's why I buy used, and take my cars to independent shops whenever possible.

Though I do have one car that's one year new. That one goes to the dealer, even though I don't like them so very much.

Heather said...

So sorry this happened. I love my car dealer they are always extremely nice to me and I've never had an issue in 6 years. Hope they make it right.

Kathy said...

It's sad that customer service seems to be something that is almost obsolete anymore...and that's for anything, not just cars/dealerships.

It's always scary to have to leave your car in the hands of strangers too. I hope that they'll treat you better next time, and weed out whoever has itchy fingers there.